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You can make sound compensation decisions when you know what your competitors are paying. more ››

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December 10 – San Francisco CA

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY: Compliant Pay Management in California
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January 14 – San Francisco CA

PAY DECISIONS: The Good, the Bad and the Costly
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Compensation and Performance Management Consulting Services

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Human Resources & Compensation Consulting Practice (Gallagher Consulting), formerly CompAnalysis, specializes in the design and development of strategic base pay plans and performance-based incentive programs for employers throughout the United States.

Using innovative, proven and practical approaches to job evaluation and salary administration, we develop pay plans that meet the unique needs of each individual client organization, accomplished through a participative, transparent process.  more ››

2015 Gallagher California Total Compensation Survey

Survey Report Now Available

The 2015 Gallagher California Total Compensation Survey Report will help you make fact-based pay decisions when planning 2015 base pay adjustments. Both participants and non-participants may purchase copies of the report.

The report is a valuable resource that will support employers in assessing the competitiveness of their cash compensation, benefits, and HR practices.

Featuring base and variable pay data on core staff and industry-specific positions, the survey also includes benefits levels and costs as well as information on HR trends, practices and policies.

The survey is designed specifically to meet the information needs of California employers, helping them to attract, retain and motivate top talent. Participants contribute to the volume and quality of data for everyone's benefit and qualify for a significant discount on the survey results.

Learn more and order your copy at:

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